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Some images from the game

Be warned this site and game it’s for adults only.

My games contain sex scenes / hardcore material and taboo elements.

All the characters portrayed in my game are 18 years or older.

Now been say that:

I’m on the making a rpgmaker game called SEEDS OF PASSION.

the game is totally free at:


And if you really like my work you can help me by subscribing there to.

that would be a tremendous boost for me.

This site will be to keep track of my progress on the game.

expect a lot of visual material on the game, I think if you play something you like and do all the stuff asked you must rewarded accordingly of the effort put on it , not just one or two images.

I’m always welcome to good ideas, and constructive commentaries, so please tell what so you think or expect from the game.

 I’m a lover of happy sex/love with their variations.

the game is totally free, but donations and support are always appreciated.

v0.1.5 ready to play

Ginny shhhh

v0.1.5 ready to play

  • Corrections of typographical errors.
  • Font size has been increased for better visibility and readability.
  • About 40 new arts in scenes.
  • Development of the plot.

I hope you enjoy it and don’t forget positive feedback is always welcome.


Games for Adults.